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ART BATTLE @ Motion, Bristol TUES 15th May 2018

I NEED YOU!!!As always I like to give you guys as much notice as possible.. 🤦🏻‍♀️TUESDAY 15th MAY 2018 are you available to come and support me at MOTION in Bristol?I am taking part in an ART BATTLE.. 12 artists, 3 rounds and 1 artist crowned the winner.Now I know it’s a Tuesday night and this tends to be a chilling out night.. but why not have a change and come and see some awesome artists for an evening of creativity and community, a live painting tournament showcasing local artists. Come watch as 12 artists transform blank canvases into beautiful pieces of art in just 20 minutes, and then you as the audience get to vote to determine the winner...

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Last year some of you may have seen me produce 100 days of abstract art... in that time I learnt so much about abstract art as well as things about myself as an artist. It opened my mind a lot as well as broke down some confidence barriers when it came to painting freely. I have combined some of my abstract skills with figures and these are available now.

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I get asked quite frequently if I have anything other than animals, bar the odd landscpe, the answer has until now been no. So, sticking to my usual colourful drippy style.. I have moved slightly "off road" to a new topic which is skulls. I currently have two large skull themed paintings available in my shop. These pieces are 50x70cm and both framed.  Watch this space.. there will be more to come.

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