To book a free quote for a mural you will need the following:
  • Firstly - you must own the wall and have the rights to be able to paint it.
  • You must know the size of the space you want your mural (metres and cm)
  • The subject matter (images would be useful)
  • To know what the access is like - will you need scaffolding?
  • The wall must be prepared, I do not do that myself, therefore it must be a flat/skimmed surface and painted/primed the base colour. (I have done and will no longer paint murals on pebble dash)
  • If you would like a mural designed and artwork created before paying a full deposit.. I will take a £150 deposit. Unfortunately I have lost too many days planning and prepping murals that are not paid for or gone ahead with and I can no longer afford to do this. The design deposit will be taken off the total amount. 

If you live outside of Bristol, this is not a problem but you will need to absorb the costs of travel. All quotes are broken down into Mural + Materials + Travel.

Simply get in touch using the CONTACT US page.