If you follow my Facebook or Instagram you will have seen the recent news about my largest mural yet… an entire house. I was approached after my exhibition at the Better Food Exhibition by one of the most wonderful women I have had the pleasure of meeting. She had visions of a cow themed, historical following mural covering her entire house.

Before the war this house was once a Cow Byre and the Kingsdown area of Bristol was once rural land and part of Somerset House Farm. So, following the history of the building and the area, this mural has a mixture of history and animals close to the owners heart.

Over a 10 day period with a few rainy days in between, the house went from a freshly painted pale green, to a very busy farm scene, with cows, a horse, chickens, geese, cats, a dog, a raven, flying birds, clouds, a house, rolling hills, a well, a hare on the hill, two hares boxing and a large hawk flying above. This has personally been one of my largest pieces of work, but also one of the most fantastic opportunities I have had yet. To be trusted with someones home, to add your mark and turn it into something beautiful, and then knowing it’s going to be seen by so many people on one of the busiest routes from Clifton/Cotham to Stokes Croft.. not to mention it being on the BANKSY Walking Tour.. well its just such a great feeling.

If you haven’t yet.. please head down.. just of Nine Tree Hill ..

Thomas St North, Kingsdown/Stokes Croft