This piece of original artwork was created to raise funds for the incredible GB DISABLED STRONGMAN.. the design was used to make the amazing T-shirts at this years GB Disabled Strongman and Woman event at FitXPO in Manchester this month just gone.

GB DISABLED STRONGMAN is the brainchild of Martin Tye and Bex Ingram, two truly wonderful people, who created an avenue to further expand the exposure of the athletes and devise a series of strongman events that would put them on par with their able bodied counterparts.

These things cost a lot of money and rely on funding to expand, therefore, this roaring GB lion is up for auction, to raise as much money as we possible can to help further expand the sport and push Disabled Strongman into the mainstream media.

Having attended a number of disabled strongman events, I have had the pleasure of seeing what true determination and pure grit looks like. No matter what obstacles have been thrown at all of these athletes, every single one of them does not give up.

Every level of sponsorship and funding will assist the athletes in pushing and promoting the sport that that love so much. Many literally live for Strongman, with it allowing them to reach heights both mentally and physically that they never thought possible again, following diagnosis or a life changing incident.



Acrylic on a blue primed LOXLEY GOLD deep edge canvas
Comes with a LONG stamped Certificate of Authenticity

The auction price starts at £100.

This auction will run for 7 days, the highest bidder at the end of the 7 days will win the auction and will receive the “GB Disabled Strongman Lion”.

100% of the profits will be donated to GB DISABLED STRONGMAN.

Please dig deep. All the athletes that take part are completely self funded and for the past few years they have themselves paid for entrance fees, equipment, travel, accommodation and many other elements that are needed to put on a show.

To make these events bigger and better they need to secure more funding so that the sport can grow inline with its able bodied couterparts.


Thank you