This day was one of the most nerve wracking days EVER!!… I know it doesn’t seem like much.. but when I get nervous, put on the spot, or just asking a straight forward question but know i’m being recorded.. I become totally tongue tied.. rambling about the most non related topics.. and generally make myself seem slightly away with the fairies. This is why i am an artist.. and not a public speaking.. ANYWAY… I was invited to The Laura Rawlings Show at BBC RADIO BRISTOL to talk about the UPFEST crowd surfer.. there was just over 10 hours for UPFEST to hit the 20k crowd surfer so the festival could go ahead. It was the show and tell part of Laura’s show.. to which I brought a print of THE BRISTOL CORMORANT.. being relatable because I had donated the Original 8ft x 6ft piece which once hung on the Bristol Harbourside to UPFEST as one of the Crowd Surfing buys… you’ll be pleased to know I made it through the show only rambling once and UPFEST HIT THEIR TARGET!!!! Wooopahhh.