DAY4 #20minuteartchallenge FUCK THIS
DAY4 #20minuteartchallenge FUCK THIS
DAY4 #20minuteartchallenge FUCK THIS

Sophie Long

DAY4 #20minuteartchallenge FUCK THIS

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I will be painting a #20minartchallenge piece daily for the next 30 days. Each piece will be timed and painted within 20minutes on a 24x18” canvas. What a great investment.. I promise it will be worth more in years to come.


Sometimes not everything goes to plan.. I have spent the last 10 days working 10-15 hour days and today Iv woken up a rather broken/tired/emotional girl.. still having work to do Iv dragged myself up and off the sofa and made myself work.. but as you can see it’s not really gone to plan. This is about as artistic as I can get today. If you watch my story on instagram you will see how I came to producing this rather angry piece. It’s so funny catching yourself having a full on tantrum whilst recording.

You might or might not even be able to work out today’s piece was going to be a pig. I’m still holding out that I might be able to produce something of some artistic nature. Just give me a little time...



acrylic and posca on mounted canvas